Purchase Plan

Our F.R.A. plan allows you to have Challenger safes in your property without any investment. This is not a profit sharing plan!!! The safes cost a flat rate per month per safe for a period of 60 months. At the end of 60 months you own all the safes collectively for a price of only $1.00! There are NO hidden charges or fees. You pay one flat rate fee that remains the same throughout the term of the agreement. You keep all the profits over that fixed amount.
The FRA Plan includes:
  • No initial investment
  • We can tailor any plan for a variety of time frames to fit your needs
  • Your choice of any ChallengerTM model safe
  • Your Choice of either Digital Keypad only OR Digital Keypad with a Magnetic Card Swipe
  • Installation
  • Pedestals or Mounting Plates
  • Shipping
  • Training of employees
  • C.E.U. (Computerized Electronic Unit) Last 100 event audit trail
  • High Security Mechanical Key Override
  • Backed by our unbeatable 7-year guarantee
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