Hospital Safes

Our Hospital room safes are used in hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, urgent care and other health care facilities throughout North America for use in patient and client rooms and also in administrative offices. Our safes are a great option for patient rooms to protect belongings and give patients and their families peace of mind.

Our safes are simple to use. Patients simply enter a pin of their own creation or swipe any credit card to lock and unlock the safe. We provide purchasers equipment to open locked safes from forgetful guests. Safes for patient rooms may be secured to fixtures or walls for added security.

Hospitality Safe's 7-Year Guarantee maximizes your investment in our hospital room safes with in-stock parts availability for fast and easy replacement due to our fast-switch design. Replacement parts are shipped quickly and maintenance of our safes is minimal. We offer a wide variety of sizes to meet most any health care facilities' physical requirements.

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