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Customer Care
This is the NUMBER 1 priority for Hospitality Safe Corporation. Our dedication to providing you with the highest quality customer care is second to none! We believe in providing our customers with the same high level of quality and service that we would expect. This begins with providing you with the highest quality electronic in-room safe available on the market. We understand that when the occasion arises and you do need technical support and service our highly skilled staff is here for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Programmable Features
DT Series DCT Series
Operated by Digital Keypad only Operated by Digital Keypad and
Magnetic Card swipe reader

Every Challenger safe can be programmed to suit the needs of your property and guests. The programmable features on the Challenger safe are all provided at no additional charge to you:

  1. Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code: Program a 3,4,5 or 6 digit PIN code in your safes.
  2. PIN code Display: See the PIN code on the LED screen as it is entered on the keypad or choose to deactivate the display of the PIN code as it is entered.
  3. Hold Function: This function controls the amount of time a safe will remain idle after 4 wrong attempts at the PIN code have been made or 4 invalid cards have been swiped through the card reader. This can be programmed for; no time delay, 15 or 30 minutes.
  4. Date and Time: This is critical in regards to an accurate and dependable audit trail on the safe.
  5. Electronic Delay Before Opening: This feature can be programmed for 0 to 24 minutes of delay after the proper PIN code has been entered or magnetic strip card has been swiped.
  6. PIN Code Confirmation: The PIN code that is entered to lock the safe will appear on the LED display for 3 seconds after the safe door is locked. It is recommended that this feature be used so the guest can see and confirm the exact PIN code they locked the safe with. This feature can also be deactivated so that the PIN code is not displayed after the safe is locked.
  7. Programmable options for Opening and Closing the safe:
    • Master PIN code OR Master CREDIT CARD to close and open safes door. This feature is not recommended for the guestroom. It may be used for office or home use for convenience. This feature is NOT a master override code to open any safe on the property.
    • In order to lock the door, the user enters their PIN code then presses Lock (#) OR slides the credit card instead. A new PIN code can be entered OR a new Credit Card can be swiped each time the door is opened – (most suitable for guestroom use.)
    • In order to lock the door, the user enters their PIN code then presses the LOCK (#) button twice then slides the master credit card. Both systems combined ensure maximum security. A new combination code/card cannot be entered unless the activator switch is reset. (most suitable for private use)
  8. View Last 12 Openings: Ability to view the last 12 openings on the LED display of the safe

Contact us by completing the form in the upper right or by telephone at 1-888-372-3524 or 954-749-5331 for manufacturer direct pricing.

Installation Options

Pedestal Mounting

Mount the safe on a Triangular Pedestal or Cylindrical Pedestal



Triangular Pedestal

Cylindrical Pedestal

"8H", "12H", "15H", "26H", "36H",

"8H", "12H", "15H"


Mounting Plate

Mount the safe anywhere, such as the floor, table, shelf, or armoire...

Mount Plate

Mount Tool

Mount Plate

Mount Tool


The safe is very easy to maintain; everything is solid state. There are only three replaceable parts, the keypad, a circuit board, and the locking mechanism. We include two additional of each, so if there is a problem the safe can be operational again in minutes. If any of the parts need to be replaced for any reason, we will send new ones upon receipt of the defective part.

Additional Features
  1. Additional FeaturesInterior Carpet: Carpet attached to the safe with Velcro. Easily removed and replaced for cleaning purposes.
  2. Motorized Locking: Our high quality electric motor locks and unlocks the safe with a smooth and quiet operation of the twin steel bolts.
  3. Computerized Emergency Unit (CEU) has multiple functions:
    • Acts as a password protected electronic override key
    • Downloads and uploads the audit trail of the last 200 openings and closings on a safe
    • Acts as a emergency power supply should the batteries fail.
  4. Emergency Manual Key Override: A high security key is provided to override the safe mechanically in the rare event the electronics on the safe do not respond to the CEU. This event is coded on the audit
  5. Laptop Computer Sizes: Challenger™ series safes are offered in 13 different sizes, 12 of which accommodate laptop computers.
  6. ADA Approved Keypad: The American Disabilities Act (ADA) approved keypad is made in high quality molded plastic, anchored with metal posts and screws. Gold covered contacts are used to extend the life of the keypad. The large 6 digit alphanumeric LED display makes it is easy to read.
  7. Magnetic Card Swipe (DCT model only): This feature on the keypad give the guest the option to open and close the safe with any credit card or magnetic stripe card without having to remember a PIN code.
  8. Automatic Shutdown: This is a security feature of the safe in that after four (4) invalid entries of a PIN code or four (4) swipes of an invalid magnetic card, the safe can be programmed to shut down for your choice of 15 or 30 minutes. After this time expires, four (4) more attempts at the proper PIN or card can be made. The CEU, entering the proper PIN code or swiping the magnetic stripe card will override the shutdown mode.
  9. Durable Finish: All of Hospitality Safe Corporations safes are manufactured with Ferro Coatings, an extremely durable baked on powder coat finish that resists scratching , chipping and impacts up to 65 lbs per square inch.
  10. Audit Trail of last 100 openings: (print or save as a file on your computer). This feature reduces the liability of the hotel and can help disprove false claims of theft by hotel staff.
  11. Non-Volatile Memory: The safe does not lose its programming or audit trail when the batteries die or are being changed.
  12. Pedestals: We offer triangular, cylindrical and a U-shaped pedestal.
  13. 7-Year Guarantee: Hospitality Safe Corporation’s unbeatable seven year guarantee is testimony to the high standard of quality materials and quality control used in the manufacturing of Challenger™ safes.
CEU - Computerized Emergency Unit
Our COMPUTERIZED EMERGENCY UNIT (CEU) is password protected with the following functions:

1. 20 Multi-Use Electronic Override
2. Downloads safe's audit trail (last 200 openings)
3. Emergency power to the safe
4. Link Safes to the Room
5. Enters Time and Date
6. Includes all cables and CD-Rom
7. PC and Laptop Compatible
8. Powers Safes
9. Opens Safes Electronically
10. Enters Room Number
11. Printable Interrogation
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