Over 200,000 of our ChallengerTM Safes have been installed in Hotels & Other facilities around the world.

About Us

Hospitality Safe Corp. manufactures a variety of hotel, business and residential electronic safes. We are the #1 seller of in room guest safes to hotels. Over 400,000 Challenger™ electronic safes have been installed in some of the finest hotels around the world. As the manufacturer, we are proud to provide the highest quality, easiest to use safes and service available to hotels, casinos and resorts throughout the world. Our safes can also be found in motels, dorm rooms, hospitals, gyms, banks and homes. Contact us with your needs at 954-749-5331 and we will respond with a fast and free quote.

Security Safes

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code.
  • 400,000 Safes sold worldwide
  • 7 Year Guarantee
  • Over 16 Models
  • Open by PIN or Credit card
  • Electronic Delay Option
  • Carpeted Interior
  • Motorized Locking
  • ADA Approved Keypad
  • Durable Finish
  • Non-Volatile Memory
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Electronic Door Locks

  • Accepts Magnetic Cards, Smart Cards & Processor Cards.
  • High quality and reliable
  • Many styles available
  • Auto-Deadbolt
  • 600-event audit trail
  • Efficient Battery Consumption
  • Weather Proof Available
  • We can install if you wish
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Doors & Hardware

  • Peep Holes for Doors
  • Smoke Seals
  • Thresholds
  • Door Hinges
  • Door Numbers
  • Fire Rated and Non Fire Rates Doors
  • Metal, Plastic Laminate & Wood Doors
  • Interior or Exterior Doors
  • Doors for many types of facilities
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